Hand Us Some Caffeine

You guys. We’re crazy. You laugh, but seriously, we are. We’re crazy because while we were going to take today off from blogging because of a wedding, we decided a few things needed to be shared. We’re also crazy because today is wedding #1 of 3 this weekend! Whaat?! And, to top all of that craziness off, our wedding anniversary is on Monday!

When we were looking at dates to get married, we weren’t thinking about what our lives would be like in all future Mays. We never anticipated photographing 6 plus weddings every May. We never figured so many of our future couples would have such good taste in deciding when to get married! Haha. And we certainly didn’t think through the fact that we’d probably never actually get to get away to celebrate our anniversary, on our actual anniversary. So, needless to say, we weren’t very good planners back then.

But despite all of that craziness, we couldn’t be more thrilled or honored to celebrate our anniversary weekend with 3 very special couples. Philip & Cheryl, Matt & Jess, and Michael & Erin – we couldn’t be more excited to kick off this anniversary weekend celebrating with you and your family and friends! As we’re watching your first looks, that walk you’ll take down the aisle with dad by your side, you celebrating with your closest friends, mom’s tears of joy as she watches you say your vows, we’re reflecting on when we committed our lives to each other three years ago on May 25th. We’re sharing secret smiles when your voices catch on the words, “I Do”. We’re remembering the nerves 10 minutes before the ceremony begins, the sheer joy on each other’s faces, and the realization that the beginning of forever couldn’t be sweeter. Yes, we’ll be running on Mountain Dew and Starbucks all weekend. You might see us doing knee bends or taking our shoes off for two seconds during dinner. And you also might catch us sneaking a kiss or two when we think no one else is watching. But those tired feet and caffeine-ridden veins can’t wait to document the start to your forever!

We’re probably certifiably insane for shooting three weddings in one weekend. Just call us crazy 🙂 And hand us some caffeine please.

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