Ryan’s Mint Chip Addiction

Whether we just finished up a long wedding day, a beautiful engagement session, or just a typical day of wrapping our to-do lists, we are always looking for a way to unwind and prepare for a new day tomorrow! You might find us sitting on the couch watching one of our favorite Netflix shows. We could be taking a walk downtown Greenville with our puppy, Mia.

But one of Ryan’s favorite ways to unwind, rain or shine, hot or cold, day or night, is with a pint of his favorite ice cream ever, Haagen-Dazs Mint Chip Ice Cream! He just loves it!

He’s ready to admit there might be addiction. And as we all know, that’s the first step to recovery.

There’s just something about the cool mint mixed with the sweet chocolate crunch that makes it the best possible way to unwind from a long day.

In the Nichols household, we loveĀ just about anything that includes chocolate in the ingredients. But for Ryan, when it comes to sweets, Haagen-Dazs Mint Chip Ice Cream takes the proverbial cake!

mint chip

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