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We are developing a special place in our hearts for gorgeous backyard weddings. There is something so intimate about having closest friends and family together in a secluded place to be a part of such an exciting event! And yet there is something so relaxing about it as well! Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s a private residence rather than an often-used wedding venue. Maybe it’s a feeling of home sweet home. But whatever it is, we are finding the backyard weddings at private residences to be some of our favorite!

So when Taylor and Paige told us they decided to rent out a lakeside home beside Lake Keowee for a week (did we mention it was a lakeside home beside Lake Keowee?), we were ecstatic! They rented a beautiful white home with a gorgeous view of the lake. Not only that but there were rows of trees on either side of the property so that everything was incredibly secluded (is this even real, you guys??)! And if that weren’t enough, Taylor and Paige did an amazing job coordinating the decor and setup for the ceremony and reception so that everything was quite literally…perfect.

With all of that in mind, all we had to do was show up and have an amazing time with two adorable people and their super-duper awesome families (and friends, of course). You may remember Taylor and Paige from their engagement session last fall or more recently from their engagement session being featured on Artfully Wed! As photographers, when we get to work with two beautiful people (who sweetly did everything we asked them to do), we get to work at an amazingly decorated venue space (such as a LAKESIDE HOME, wow), our brides provide us with amazingly awesome details to tell the story of their day, and we get to work with amazing families and wedding parties, we feel entirely blessed. And to have all of that in one day? Well, that sums up our time with Taylor & Paige precisely.

Taylor & Paige, we couldn’t have had a better time working with you guys and we are blessed to call you our sweet friends!

P.S. We have two shoutouts that we deem worthy of mention. First, these bridesmaids dresses are to die for! Goodness where to start? They are all different (always a win). The color palette is simply romantic. We could go on and on. BUT, shoutout number two although certainly no less important. We have to shoutout to Taylor’s awesome beard. That’s all we really need to say. Carry on.

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Photography: Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Venue: Private Residence on Lake Keowee
Bride’s Dress: Galina from David’s Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Vera Wang from Men’s Warehouse
Hair: Nika Lortz
Cake: Brick Street Cafe


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