3 Quick Reasons to Invest in Your Reception Decor

Imagine your perfect wedding.

What first comes to mind? Is it your best friends and closest family surrounding you? Is it that walk down the aisle? Is it dancing the night away on the best day of your life? Chances are, it’s something like that!

But when it comes to planning a wedding, we’ve noticed here in Greenville one part of the process that can easily get pushed to the back burner. And that’s your reception decor! Sometimes brides feel it’s too expensive to have a dream reception setup along with everything else they want. And we get it. Weddings are expensive! But consider a few points before you make your final decisions!

1. Guest Experience

Your guests’ experience is separated into basically two parts, the ceremony and the reception. While they spend only an hour at your ceremony, a majority of their time is at the reception (think 3 to 5 hours!), where they fully get to experience the celebration you’ve planned, from eating, to talking, to dancing the night away! So while a beautiful ceremony is also important, don’t forget where your guests will spend most of their time!

2. You’re the Host

Think of your reception as one big house party with your closest friends and family. This is the finale of a celebration you’ve been planning for months, and you want to make it one they’ll never forget. So don’t be afraid to go all out and show off your fabulous taste, you talented host you!

3. Extension of your Day

Your reception is a culmination of your wedding celebration; it carries over the theme and overall tone of your wedding. From color palettes, to florals, design pieces and personalized decor that reflects your style, your reception is an extension of you two as a bride and groom! Don’t let it fall through the cracks!

So there are a few quick reasons to make sure you put some time and effort into decorating your reception as beautifully as everything else on your wedding day! To see recent examples of a beautiful reception, see Chris & Christina’s wedding here! and Matt & Kayleigh’s wedding here!

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