The 4th Annual #RABRIDES (and grooms!) Party! VIDEO: Game Night at Ryan & Alyssa's

Way back when we first started the #rabrides party idea, we had no idea what we were getting into. We just thought it would be cool to get our brides together and have a great time! And that first ever party was held at our house! At that time, we only invited the brides (sorry boys!) and our business was just starting to thrive so our group of couples was smaller. But now??? We have SO many amazing couples from the past 5+ years of this photography business that we weren’t sure our house could hold the number of people who would show up. So guess what we did. We invited them anyway and trusted the Lord to bring the right people that needed to be there. And that’s exactly what HE did!

BTW, take a quick peek at our past parties:
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This year, it was a game night at our house and it. was. a. BLAST!!! We rotated between Taboo, Wii Bowling, Heads Up and Guesstures, keeping score all along the way. The grand prize for the wining group? An anniversary session with little old us! We don’t quite understand why that was so motivating, but there was some major competition happening!

Another massive highlight of this year was that our friend and incredible videographer Matt Rouse and his talented wife, Meredith agreed to come and shoot a highlight film of the night even thought it was out of their normal line of work. We just got it back from him (in record time!) and we can tell you right now, we will cherish this video forever. Take a look, and then go hire Matt Rouse Films for your wedding right now!

To our couples, we love you all to no end. Thank you so much for coming. We will never understand why you guys love us as much as we love you. And those who couldn’t make it, we understand! It’s hard to get everyone together at once! If you ever need anything, you know where we live!

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