The 2nd Annual #RABRIDES Party!

Every year, we put together a list of our top moments of the entire year (here’s our list from 2015). Guys, we already have an early contender for moment of the year! Or, should we say, evening of the year. On Sunday, we celebrated our 2nd annual #RABRIDES party with some of the most amazing people we have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

But we before we talk about the party itself, we have to tell you about how it all came together!

For our first #RABRIDES party in November, we weren’t sure what to expect. We just knew we wanted to get our brides together because they all had so much in common! So, naturally, we invited them all over to our house! And it was amazing!!! We had so much fun and we knew we had to do it again! This time around, we decided to do it in the Spring…oh and we invited the GUYS too (Ryan’s idea, best idea evaaaa!).

Here’s where it gets interesting. Within 7 days of sending out the invitation, so many of our brides and grooms RSVPed that we had to move the party out of our house! That’s how amazing they are! They broke our house!!! SO we quickly called an audible and contacted a gorgeous, brand new venue in town called Postcard From Paris and they graciously allowed us to use their space for our party! And this place is amazing! So elegant. So classy. So perfect for our brides (and grooms!)!


Finally, the party day came. And oh what a time we had. We can only describe it as probably the most fun party we have ever had the pleasure of hosting. And just like everything in life, it was all about the people! Mainly, these people! Don’t they look fantastic!?!? We had such an amazing time just getting to see them again and introducing them to each other!

greenville-wedding-photography_2139 greenville-wedding-photography_2145 greenville-wedding-photography_2144 greenville-wedding-photography_2143 greenville-wedding-photography_2164 greenville-wedding-photography_2165

The fantastic group of guys we get to work with each and every day! Studs all around! Studs, we tell you!


Not to be outmatched by the studly guys, our #rabrides are just gorgeous aren’t they? How did we get so lucky to have this amazing group?!

greenville-wedding-photography_2147 greenville-wedding-photography_2142greenville-wedding-photography_2148 greenville-wedding-photography_2149

This is Alyssa doing her “monkey” impression while we explained one of the two games we were about to play. A good look for her!


Ryan was extremely impressed by the guys’ knowledge of Shakespeare plays! Did we mention our guys are smart too? Yeah buddy!

greenville-wedding-photography_2151 greenville-wedding-photography_2152 greenville-wedding-photography_2153

Apparently Alyssa was doing some sort of rain dance here. Or just laughing a lot. One or the other.


What can we really say about this?


Or this?

greenville-wedding-photography_2156 greenville-wedding-photography_2157 greenville-wedding-photography_2158 greenville-wedding-photography_2159 greenville-wedding-photography_2160

Keaton & Vince deep in concentration trying to figure out the answer here!


This could be karate. Or cooking. Or the cha-cha slide. Really any of those are viable options.

greenville-wedding-photography_2162 greenville-wedding-photography_2168 greenville-wedding-photography_2169 greenville-wedding-photography_2170

After the games were over, we got to say a quick thank you to our amazing couples and share with them how much it truly meant for them to be there with us (Ryan maybe almost shed a few tears but kept his composure nicely…or maybe that never happened).


Also, a HUGE thank you to Christa for taking pictures for us all night! She is the best and she did an amazing job helping us capture the evening! Thank you girl!!!!


And with that, one of the best nights of this year came to a close. We are truly, truly (in a way that more “truly’s” can’t really emphasize) humbled, honored, and grateful to have these people in our lives. The men and women you see in this post are the reason we get out of bed every morning and the reason we love to do what we do every single day! We couldn’t do what we do without them. In fact, some of them were standing in the room because of other #rabrides telling them about us. Incredibly humbling! And at the end of the day, that’s why we hosted this party for them. To say thank you. Thank you for allowing us to serve you and love you through this time in your lives. It means the world to us!

Special thanks to Postcard From Paris for providing their gorgeous venue, Good Life Catering for providing us with amazing food, and to our dear friend Christa for taking pictures and preserving this wonderful night for us!

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