Bryan & Keely Twigs Tempietto Wedding

When people find out what we do every single day, we often hear some version of this: “Wow. That must be stressful for you guys! Don’t you deal with a lot of bridezillas?”

We just laugh inside. That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s not that we’ve never worked with a bride that was a little stressed. How could they not be stressed at least a little bit?! It’s a big day! And we know that. We will concede that our calling is more stressful than some. If what we do is stressful it’s because we are capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories. One chance. No do-overs. Not everyone is cut out for that pressure. We embrace it. But don’t be fooled into believing the pressure is because of our brides. We have always believed we have the best couples in the world. We don’t understand how or why they choose us, but they do! And we are forever grateful.

If there was ever a stress-free couple, it’s Bryan and Keely!!! They are two of the calmest, coolest, quietest people. That’s not to say they didn’t come out of their shells when it was time to put their dancing shoes on! Oh they did! But from the moment we arrived at Keely’s hotel room, the stress level was basically zero. And it stayed that way all day long! If you could meet Bryan, you would know that when we were with him, the same was true. Stress? Zero. Now, they were a little nervous. Hey! It’s a big day! But you wouldn’t have known it. Calm. Cool. Collected. Ready to get married. And the excitement! It zinged in the room as Bryan & Keely were getting ready for their intimate first look. As Keely said, “I’m ready for it to be 6 o’clock now!!! Just wait till you see their reactions during their first look!

But what a gorgeous day with perfect weather at the Twigs Tempietto it was! As you scroll through these images, you will see what we mean! It was everything a wedding should be. Fun. Beautiful. Organized. Touching. Joyful. A day Bryan & Keely will look back on with fond memories forever.

Bryan & Keely, we have loved every part of this journey with you (and Zoe & Moose too!). We hope you will enjoy this preview of the best day of your life so far! We know you will love reliving these moments together! We love you guys!!!

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Bride’s Shoes – Toms with design by Sammy Ackard
Dress Boutique – David’s Bridal
Bride’s jewelry- Teri Huang
Bridesmaids Dresses – LuLus
Cake – Buttercream Bakehouse
Caterer – Twigs
Ceremony Venue – Twigs
Ceremony Musician- Candace Ramirez
DJ – Jumping Jukebox
Floral Design – Twigs
Groom’s Suit – Men’s Warehouse
Hair Stylist – Elyse Fox
Invitations – Teresa Ligon
Makeup Artist – Elyse Fox
Officiant – Maureen VerVaet
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Planner/Coordinator- Haley Michael & Layne Smith
Reception Venue – Twigs
Rings – Blue Nile

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