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Diane was driving home from work after a memorable day photographing a maternity session. She needed to eat. She needed to rest. She wanted to do nothing at all. But that could wait until she got home.

The garage door slowly went up and Diane pulled the car into its usual spot. She gathered her equipment and walked towards the door leading into the kitchen. But as she grabbed the handle something caught her eye. A note. There was a note stuck to the door. It read:

“10 reasons I Love You. Please take your time and read each one before proceeding. I love you! -Mark”

Exciting thoughts raced through Diane’s mind. They were thoughts any girl who had been dating the same guy for a long time would have. But Mark had always been the romantic type. He was the kind of guy who would do this sort of thing just because. So she put those thoughts out of her mind and went along with it.

As she opened the kitchen door, things only got better. Rose petals. A lot of rose petals! They were creating a path for her to follow. So, follow she did. She found the next note in the kitchen:

“You are naturally beautiful. You look gorgeous with or without makeup. I love you!”

Diane began to get a tingly feeling. She was getting goosebumps on her arms. Everything was quiet in the house except for her footsteps and her little squeals of excitement at each note. Although she also detected the faint sound of music coming from somewhere in the house. The smell of roses was in the air. And the notes just kept getting better as she followed the path.

“You are thoughtful. You always surprise and buy me gifts without expecting anything in return. I love you!”

“You are extremely loyal to me and everyone or anything that matters to you. I love you!”

“Your creativity. I love how you can dive into new hobbies and crafts, and the final product amazing me and everyone else. I love you!”

The last note was in the hallway. She turned the corner and the world around her melted away. There was Mark. Down on one knee. The ring of her dreams held out in front of him. It didn’t even matter what he said next except that it included the most important words: “Will You Marry Me?”

Diane fell to the floor and into Mark’s arms, crying tears of joy and love that Mark had pulled off the ultimate surprise! They enjoyed the moment together. One of many moments they will enjoy for the rest of their lives together.

If that’s not an engagement story, we don’t know what is!!! And if they sound like the most awesome people in the world, you should meet them in person! Mark & Diane came down from Washington D.C. last week to do their engagement session with us and we could NOT have had a better time! Ok so maybe it was a little hot for us here in SC at 97 degrees, but Mark and Diane held up like champions. Seriously. They are just the best.

Mark is an engineer up in the Washington D.C. area and is one of the coolest guys you could meet. Even with the extreme heat, he never complained once! What a man! Diane is a photographer and is extremely creative in other areas as well! We love shooting photographers’ weddings!

We couldn’t wait to share their amazingly awesome engagement story and we TOTALLY couldn’t wait to share these images!!! Enjoy!

greenville-wedding-photography_1234greenville-wedding-photography_1233 greenville-wedding-photography_1236 greenville-wedding-photography_1239 greenville-wedding-photography_1240 greenville-wedding-photography_1243 greenville-wedding-photography_1237 greenville-wedding-photography_1241 greenville-wedding-photography_1242 greenville-wedding-photography_1244 greenville-wedding-photography_1245 greenville-wedding-photography_1246 greenville-wedding-photography_1247 greenville-wedding-photography_1248greenville-wedding-photography_1250 greenville-wedding-photography_1249 greenville-wedding-photography_1251 greenville-wedding-photography_1252 greenville-wedding-photography_1264 greenville-wedding-photography_1253 greenville-wedding-photography_1254 greenville-wedding-photography_1267 greenville-wedding-photography_1255 greenville-wedding-photography_1256 greenville-wedding-photography_1257 greenville-wedding-photography_1258 greenville-wedding-photography_1259 greenville-wedding-photography_1266 greenville-wedding-photography_1260 greenville-wedding-photography_1261 greenville-wedding-photography_1263 greenville-wedding-photography_1265 greenville-wedding-photography_1262

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