Behind The Scenes With Ryan & Alyssa 2017

You get to see us post a lot of wedding and engagement images throughout the year! But today you get to see the crazy world behind those final products. It’s by far our most popular post of the year so we won’t give a long intro! We can’t fit everybody into this post and there are so many more we wanted to share!

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Bear with us, you might see a side of us you haven’t seen before!!!

Ok, we’re going to start off with a softball. Because when you shoot a snowy wedding in South Carolina (RARE!), you document that fact that you were there!

Enter the world of Ryan’s many test shot faces (and poses)!

He’s also working his way up to becoming a hand model.

Once we’ve got our test shots, we’re ready to get our amazing couples in place. But before we start shooting, we have to get them all looking juuuuuust right! Whether that’s pinning boutonnieres (Alyssa’s specialty) or getting the guys’ suits looking perfect (Ryan’s specialty), it’s all part of making it happen!

Then it’s time to make the magic happen!

We’re titling this section “Oh The Things Ryan Does.” Here’s something very few people know. On a wedding day, Alyssa takes about 75% of the photos we capture all day. But when you have Ryan & Alyssa at your wedding, you’re getting so much more than two people snapping some photos. And, folks, on top of taking photos all day, Ryan is also in charge of making everything else that we do happen. While he may have snapped the shutter on only 25% of your final images, the other 75% could never have happened without him. See for yourself…

Sometimes it rains sideways on your wedding day and Ryan holds umbrellas to keep you dry!

And sometimes you need more light on your beautiful faces and he graciously puts his camera down to do what needs to be done!

Sometimes the ceremony location changes 5 minutes before the bride walks down the aisle and he carries the arrangement to the new location! Remember, he’s a photographer!

He’s always running somewhere or doing something to make your day better. Can you spot Ryan?!

And speaking of the girl who’s making 75% of your images happen, she’s always doing whatever it takes to get those perfect moments for you! Sometimes she’s easy to find, and sometimes she’s hiding. Wheeeere’s Alyssa?

But ultimately, whether we are saving the flower girl from bugs that get stuck in her tulle dress…

…showing our incredible couples how amazing they look…

…being a dog whisperer…

…getting out on the dance floor…

…hanging the dress or floating the veil for that magical shot (all Ryan)…

…showing our couples how to cut the cake (Alyssa’s jam)…

…or just having an all-around good time…

…our favorite part of all is just being with the people we love, our fantastic couples!!!

And last but not least, this photo of us was actually taken by our groom, Coleby during their engagement session! We may have to hire him!!!

And we are already looking forward to the fun we are going to have in 2018!!!

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