VIDEO: 3 Tips For Newly Engaged Brides

Engagement season is in full swing! The inquiries are starting to roll in from excited, newly engaged brides ready to begin their wedding planning journey! We LOVE this time of year!

Well, we know what an amazingly exciting and yet incredibly crazy time “I’m engaged!” can be. It can be the single most exhilarating time and yet the most stressful time of your life. We get it! A lot of things are changing all at once. And if you have some new, sparkly jewelry on your left hand this year, you’re probably getting a lot of advice on how to survive and/or thrive during this time. We hope that you’re getting great advice! But wedding planning advice comes in various and sundry forms. You’ve got “future mother-in-law advice”, “best friend advice”, “random Facebook friend you barely know from 11th grade economics advice” and many MANY more!

We are just one voice in the cacophony of planning tips. However, we do this all day everyday. We walk beside brides and grooms during their engagement journey every single year. We guide them with our best advice. And we do know a thing or two about how to create the best experience! So, today, we decided to share a few tips with those of you newly engaged brides who have some new bling and some new decisions to make this engagement season! This is, by NO means, all of the advice you need! But, we know that these 3 tips will help you as you’re starting this journey with your amazing groom-to-be!

If you enjoyed this video, see more of our tips for brides HERE! If you’re looking for your wedding photographer and you want to see what the journey is like with us, find out more directly from our amazing brides HERE!

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