Our Favorite Wedding Images Of 2017

For those of you keeping track at home, we’re sharing our “favorite” blog posts of the year! Last time, we shared our favorite engagement images of the year. And today, it gets even better! It’s our favorite wedding images from 2017!!!

*See our favorites from 2015 and 2016 as well!*

This year truly has been phenomenal; we had the privilege of being a part of so many incredible days with people we absolutely adore, and we had the opportunity to watch so many marriages begin! The legacy that our couples are leaving give you goosebumps – not only are they incredibly talented people who do things that constantly amaze us (like save lives, protect our city and country, build their own businesses, write and defend laws, clean teeth, and go through school WHILE planning a wedding, just to name a few!), but these people are changing the dynamics of their future; not just for them, but for their future kids and grandkids! And that’s something we get to witness almost every week!

This year, we photographed in gorgeous Charleston, who always has our hearts, ventured into The Queen City for a few Charlotte weddings, explored Pennsylvania, and of course, photographed at some of our favorite local venues (and some new ones!) in Greenville!

Even though this year brought so much joy, it also brought, for several of our couples, challenges in the form of rain. The threat of rain every weekend in May and June taxed so many of our couples and planners, but do you know what? Those rainy weddings are some of our favorites. Because despite the rain (and maybe a few shed tears), our couples and their families radiated joy those days. Nothing could dampen their spirits, or take away the joy and anticipation of the day. Looking through those wedding images still bring tears to our eyes and goosebumps as we remember each moment!

Enjoy some of our favorite wedding images from 2017! One of the perfect ways to close out an incredible year!

greenville wedding Greenville wedding photography bride and groom at Charlotte wedding

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