Behind The Scenes With Ryan & Alyssa 2018

One of our most popular posts of the year every year is our behind the scenes post! And hey, we get it! You get to see beautiful curated Instagram photos all year long and you want to see the real life stuff that happened to make all of those photos a reality!

Well, now is your chance! We should probably be embarrassed about a good portion of these. But we enjoy them as much as anyone!

If you want to see our behind the scenes posts from 2015 or 2016, or 2017 here you go!

We’re starting out with a new section today that we thought you might enjoy. We took random behind the scenes photos and we each captioned them separately. Let us know which ones you like the best!

Part 1: Caption Contest

Ryan: Ryan, the real wind beneath your veil!

Alyssa: Ryan, the world’s foremost expert in veil throwing techniques. Look at that skill!

Ryan: Alyssa trying to get 9 girls to pop their hip the right way simultaneously. Not easy!

Alyssa: Someday they will all laugh at my jokes…

Ryan: This is my “please just let me rest here for a minute” face.

Alyssa: He’s cute. Smiles when asked. I’ll keep him!

Ryan: This is where Alyssa without fail says, “Let me just pull out some of your hair!” She’s funny and she doesn’t even know it!

Alyssa: Me to Kayleigh – “I thought I could pop in here too for a quick photo, just the three of us. It won’t be awkward at all.”

Ryan: Surprise Marina! I’m the fill-in groom today! Yeah…I’m so glad you ended up with Matt. He’s the man!

Alyssa: Ryan really wanted to have a first look with the bride too. Everyone was doing it!

Ryan: Alyssa, the wedding party wrangler.

Alyssa: I think everyone pays attention to me on the wedding day. Now I’m not so sure.

Ryan: I’ve been taking proposal photos hiding behind a boat since…well actually this was the only time.

Alyssa: Ryan goes all out to hide for proposals! First time hiding in a boat!

Ryan: Real truth – as you can see in the photo above this one, I was on another dock and couldn’t get over there to hug them so I just took more photos of Alyssa hugging them!

Alyssa: Favorite moment – being one of the first to congratulate the newly engaged couple!

Ryan: I had to climb to the edge of certain death to get this photo. I hope it was worth it!

Alyssa: I’ll creep forward as close as they let me. There’s no such thing as personal space.

Ryan: Always the test subject, never the bride. My time will come.

Alyssa: Me to Ryan  – “Can you pleeeeasse pretend to be the bride for just one more minute while I get my settings?! No one will notice.”

Ryan: Alyssa teaches mime classes in her spare time.

Alyssa: Me to Justin – “Stop judging me. No one else will dance with me right now. I’m trying to look
happy about it.”

Ryan: This is pretty much my go-to test shot face when I’m in a good mood.

Alyssa: Ryan’s really REALLY excited to take more pictures.

Ryan: *thinking* I hope Savannah likes this one. I hope Savannah likes this one…

Alyssa: We love seeing our couples’ reactions when they get a sneak peek in camera!

Ryan: Be the bush. Beeeeee the bush.

Alyssa: Ryan goes anywhere to get the shot – even becoming one with the bush to do it.

Ryan: This falls under the category of, you gotta do whatcha gotta do!

Alyssa: What I love most about Ryan; his willingness to do anything on the wedding day to help make
it go smoothly! Including ceremony set up in a suit!

Ryan: Alyssa’s doing the real work right now so I’ll just take a picture of her!

Alyssa: I basically never stop smiling, even behind the camera. Anything to get Grandma to smile

Ryan: Just now realizing this is the exact hand position and face Alyssa makes for every single cake cutting test shot. I like it.

Alyssa: I am always most excited about the cake!

Ryan: This is Alyssa trying to take my title of best test shot model. I think she probably takes it pretty easily…

Alyssa: Every once in a while I make Ryan be the Instagram Husband, especially when I find my
favorite wall in Charleston.

Ryan: Trust me, balloons are safer for us than sparklers.

Alyssa: Thankful I can stand in for a test shot without worrying about getting caught on fire.

Ryan: Instant Ryan heart attack.

Alyssa: We like living life on the edge. And we take that quite literally sometimes, like when we’re on the edge of a cliff in the mountains.

Ryan: Sometimes I’m the grandma whisperer. It’s on my resume!

Alyssa: Ryan winning over all the ladies at every wedding – grandma included!

Ryan: The truth is I like taking photos on the dance floor as an excuse to dance without arousing suspicion. Genius!

Alyssa: One of my favorite nights – ringing in the New Year with this guy in his tux!

Ryan: Another truth is that Alyssa is NOT a dancer. But when the bride and groom pull you out to dance, you dance!

Alyssa: Sometimes I get pulled on the dance floor by the bride and groom. Thankfully I can *mostly* hide the fact that this white girl has no moves.

Ryan: Bond. James Bond.

Alyssa: That time Ryan showed up to a wedding looking like James Bond.

Ryan: *thinking* Don’t step on a snake. Pleeeease.

Alyssa: Ryan is sometimes the honorary MOH – always watching out for the bride’s dress!

Ryan: It’s tough being the 10th-best-looking guy in this photo. I have to step it up!

Alyssa: You guys want Ryan there to ensure you’re all looking your best and no tie is out of place on your wedding day!

Ryan: And that’s when Alyssa instantly became a bridesmaid for the rest of the day.

Alyssa: One of the best parts of the day is becoming BFFs with the bridesmaids.

Ryan: Don’t really have a caption for this one. This is the wedding in 2018 where I was in the best shape so this is as good as I looked all year! Haha!

Alyssa: We tell you that your first look is private, but what we neglect to mention is Ryan creeping in the background! In a supervisory position, of course.

Ryan: “Someday you’ll be the bride!” Alyssa is so great with little flower girls!

Alyssa: When the flower girls want to see all of the sparkly details – makes my day!

Ryan: *thinking* If I fall, she falls, we all fall. Don’t fall.

Alyssa: Brides, Ryan will help you walk down a mountain in 4-inch heels. He’s the hero!

Ryan: Guys, this takes skill! Really! Believe me!

Alyssa: Showing off those veil throwing skills again. Look at that technique!

Ryan: Again, someday my day will come.

Alyssa: Sometimes being the only guy in the room while the girls are getting ready makes Ryan feel a little left out, so we gave him this moment.

Ryan: Am I manly enough to pull off holding wedding bouquets? Weigh in.

Alyssa: Who else do you know that can take photos with one hand while simultaneously taking great care of the bride’s bouquet? He’s one in a million!

Ryan: As close to falling in the ocean as someone holding $5,000 worth of equipment should ever be.

Alyssa: Ryan testing the limits of his balance during the ceremony.

Ryan: Like I said, this is my good mood test shot face! Apparently I was in a good mood! Let’s do more of these in 2019!

Alyssa: One might think he makes my job harder sometimes, but when I’m in the zone on a wedding day, Ryan knows exactly what to do to get me to laugh and relax, just like this moment.

Which caption is your favorite? And who’s captions are best overall?!!!

Part 2: Posing WITH Our Couples!

We don’t often remember to take pictures with our couples, but sometimes we do! Here’s a few of those special memories!

Part 3: Ryan’s Modeling Career.

He’s currently looking for an agent if anyone is interested!

Still no interest? Really?! Come on guys! Take another look and tell us he doesn’t belong in a magazine!

Part 4: Doing Woooork!

We find ourselves in some amazing places and some dangerous places too! But we always have fun!

Happy 2019 to everyone! It’s going to be the best one yet!!!

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