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Paul & Paige, where do we start?! Celebrating with you two over the last year has been an absolute joy. Getting to know you both, spending time with your families, and watching the best of what life has to offer (marriage!) take place has overfilled our hearts. It was the best way to end our […]

Brittany’s friend did her residency with Sean. So naturally, she did what any fabulous friend would do, and set Brittany up on a blind date with Sean, at her own wedding! And they’ve been dating ever since! There’s something about people meeting at weddings, we tell ya! They were planning a move to Greenville, thanks […]

Brian & Anna actually met at a wedding! Ahhhh!!! The best how we met story; she was a bridesmaid, and he was an usher at a mutual friend’s wedding. They met at the meet-and-greet party the couple hosted for the wedding party before the rehearsal dinner (best idea, by the way, if your wedding party […]

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