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Holden & Mary Helen met through mutual friends, right before Holden headed back to school. It must’ve been quite the impactful first impression, because they then spent the first 7 months of their relationship long distance, while he was at the Citadel and she was at USC. Trips are kind of their thing. Last summer, […]

We were remembering back to Zach & Brittany’s engagement session. Alyssa was 8 and a half months pregnant. We were on our last few shoots before Shiloh was born, but we didn’t know when he might decided to come! It was July. It was HOT! We all had a good laugh about it on the […]

Mitch & Taylor met in highschool, and started dating. They attended the same college, and year after year, they kept hearing about these proposals happening at The Kissing Rock. But Taylor’s timing was never perfect enough to witness it. The joke on campus was “don’t take your SO to the rock unless you can afford […]

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