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It’s rare we meet the parents before we meet our couples. But in Thomas & Sarah Kennedy’s case, we got to chat with her Mom first, then meet her in person before officially connecting with the two of them! Why? As Sarah Kennedy’s mom described both her daughter and future son-in-law, they’re service-based people. They […]

We remember our first time meeting James & Megan. They were one of the Zoom calls before Zoom was all the rage, and we always feel a slight hesitation meeting with couples the first time online. It must be like what online dating feels like. What do they look like? Will they like us? What […]

We never get tired of hearing theĀ “how we met” and “how he asked” stories, and we enjoyed listening to Alex share how Patrick popped the question! Here’s how it all went down: Patrick & Alex had a weekend of camping and hiking planned at the beginning of October. Patrick made the trip up from Florida […]

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