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There are always nerves showing on the wedding day. Excited, anticipatory nerves but nerves nevertheless. 10/10 times they go away at the first look. It’s one of the main reasons why we encourage it. And it’s always just the sweetest moment watching that happen and seeing the nerves melt away. It was like that with […]

We arrived at Twelve Oak Estate, with the sun streaming through the trees, the southern humidity starting early, and the pollen out in full force. Ha! We walked in to see a bubbly, excited bride-to-be, surrounded by family and girlfriends. Just downstairs, we could hear Mitch and his guys having a great time hanging out […]

We listened to the Best Man and Matron of Honor give their speeches at the reception. They both said sweet, wonderful things about the couple, but we found it surprising they both said the same thing. When they first heard about the relationship, they said “This one is the one” (after some self-admitted Facebook stalking […]

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