Brian & Elizabeth | Greenville Engagement

We sat on separate benches at a local park near our home. We had our cameras ready. Brian & Elizabeth were on their way to the park soon for a surprise engagement (we love surprises)!

Elizabeth’s mom had contacted us a few days prior, telling us that Elizabeth had found us on Instagram and had been following us and loving our work for a while. She told us that Elizabeth would be so surprised and excited to know that we were there to capture the engagement! So we said, “YES!” (and so did Elizabeth by the way!)

Fast forward a few months to last week. We got to spend the day with Brian & Elizabeth for their engagement session! We were excited enough as it was to get to see these two again, but it was even more fun than we imagined!!! Their outfit choices were spot. on. you guys! They were looking so fly! Elizabeth even finished her look with a Kate Spade watch. You can’t go wrong with that classy touch!

And Brian was bringing the house down with his jokes! Ok, so by “bringing the house down” we mean “keeping Elizabeth laughing all day long” because we couldn’t actually hear the jokes. But they must’ve been good because they worked! And that equals “bringing the house down” in our eyes. They both had smiles on their faces the whole time!

Brian & Elizabeth, we are SO glad Elizabeth found us on The Insta. And we are SO glad your mom called us in for the proposal! And we are even MORE glad that we got to spend the day with you two last week. Now, more than ever, we are looking forward to your wedding next year!!! We can’t wait! But for now, this gorgeous session will have to hold all of us over! We hope you love them as much as we do!!!

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