Brian & Stephanie | Greenville Engagement

Brian & Stephanie live in Cleveland. So, up until now, all of our correspondence has been over Skype! But they were good friends with one of our past brides Keely, so we knew they were going to be awesome in person! And they SOOO were (and still are!)

Needless to say (although we are going to say it anyway!) we were so excited to meet them in person for their engagement session! And it did not disappoint! Stephanie brought the undeniable charm and Brian brought the jokes that kept her laughing! It was such a joy to watch them. It was like they were just on a date together and having an amazing time!

Brian & Stephanie, by now you’re back in Cleveland and you’re probably back to the daily grind of life. So we hope that you two will sit down after a long day and scroll through these images together! You guys absolutely rocked it and we are so excited to party with you on New Years Eve!!!

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