Coleman & Lindsey | Greenville Engagement

When we sat down with Lindsey & Coleman for the first time, we immediately knew they were a great fit! They were joyful, had tons of energy and they are total dog people! The other big thing we loved about them was how involved Coleman seemed to be in the process. We LOVE grooms who care. It takes a real man to care about something his fiance cares so much about!

Coleman’s family owns a lake home up (and we mean uuuup) in the mountains of North Carolina. And as we discussed their engagement session, they decided that was such a special place to them and they wanted to head up there for the session! Lake home? Beach? Perfect weather? Yeah we will!

We had such a great time with Coleman & Lindsey! We laughed a lot, we walked a lot..ok maybe it was more like hiking. But we got some gorgeous images and we couldn’t wait to share them! Lindsey & Coleman, enjoy!

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