Harrison & Maggie | Asheville Engagement

One of the key words we use to guide our style is “joy.” The world needs more joy today, especially in marriage! We believe that with all our hearts and we try to instill this is our couples by providing them with joyful memories of this time in their lives! And that’s one of the reasons that so many of our #rabrides and grooms are joyful people!

And if you need an example, look no further than Harrison & Maggie.

Harrison & Maggie are electric. The dynamic of these two is powerful, and if you spend any amount of time with them, you’ll feel it! When you meet Harrison & Maggie, you immediately feel like a part of their tight-knit, loving family. And that’s exactly how we felt the moment we met them!

They walked into our studio – and the smiles – oh you guys, the smiles were infectious! We sat down and began talking about the two of them and their wedding. An hour later, we hadn’t even mentioned photography yet! And we absolutely loved it. Because, to us, that meant we found a couple who cared about building a relationship with us as much as they cared about gorgeous images. And that, friends, is what this photography business is all about for us!

Fast forward to their engagement session and it was like we’d been friends since elementary school. Harrison & Maggie were engaging, laughing, and the smiles didn’t stop! We wanted to bottle up their energy and take it with us! But, it’s not just the energy that we love. It’s who they are as a couple. They bring out the best in each other. The way that Harrison makes Maggie laugh. How he keeps her grounded and anchored. And how Maggie adores Harrison, supports him, and builds him up. Together, they’re a force to be reckoned with! The strength in their relationship lies in their sweet love and commitment to one another and their commitment to Christ. You can see how Harrison’s support of Maggie keeps her dreaming. And you can see how Maggie’s encouragement gives Harrison strength. These two really are living a fairytale dream come true, and we couldn’t be more honored or thrilled to be on this journey with them!

Maggie & Harrison, enjoy your sneak peek! We love you two!

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