Daddy’s Little Girl

We tell stories for a living. We tell love stories for each and every one of our couples. We tell stories that last a lifetime! But now, we are going to tell a slightly different story: The Story Of Ryan & Alyssa. Obviously, we think this is the BEST love story of all time! We don’t want to forget it. And the best way to remember is to write it down! So follow along as we tell our story, one piece at a time!

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Part 1: You Make Me Feel So Young


On January 30, 1989, a baby girl was born in Sellersville, Pennsylvania. (Ryan likes to point out that Alyssa is 3 months older! She robbed the cradle.)

Janelle Alyssa Clemens was the first-born in her family. And, though, she was a little cutie, she made her fair share of trouble! She was daddy’s little girl right from the start, learning to fish and hunt (can you believe it?), and play sports at an early age. As her baby sisters came along, she took to the role of first-born with total ease, becoming a little-miss-bossy (has she grown out of that? You’ll have to ask Ryan). She even orchestrated a few jailbreaks of her baby sister Devin from her crib!

Alyssa grew up in a Christian home. Her dad was a realtor and her mom was a professional cosmetologist. Alyssa, as well as all of her sisters, grew up being involved in church music ministry at a young age, something she still loves today! She plays the flute and sings in the choir at our church.

When Alyssa came down to Greenville for college, her family followed shortly behind (they had 4 girls getting ready to go to college in Greenville after all!). This set the stage for Ryan to enter her life very shortly!

Little-known Alyssa Childhood Facts:
1. Her first name is Janelle. She goes by her middle name, Alyssa.
2. She is the oldest of 4 girls. Only 5 total years separate the 4 of them!
3. She constantly watched classic musicals with her sisters growing up.
4. When she went to camp, she quickly used up her disposable camera and stole her sister’s too.
5. She learned to swim by age 3 and ski by age 4.
6. Her and her sisters wore matching outfits for all family photos through age 13. Embarrassing!
7. She shot her first deer with her dad at the age of 12 (PETA cover your ears!)

Next time, we get to one of the best parts of the story, our first meeting! We can’t wait!

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