You Make Me Feel So Young

We tell stories for a living. We tell love stories for each and every one of our couples. We tell stories that last a lifetime! But now, we are going to tell a slightly different story: The Story Of Ryan & Alyssa. Obviously, we think this is the BEST love story of all time! We don’t want to forget it. And the best way to remember is to write it down! So follow along as we tell our story, one piece at a time!


On May 2, 1989, a little boy was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Ryan Christopher Nichols was a cute little guy to be sure (blond comb-over and all!), but he wasn’t always the happiest for the first year or so. He earned himself the nickname “Cryin’ Ryan” pretty quickly! But he soon grew out of that phase (somewhat) and became the coolest little cowboy you ever did see. Ryan spent the first 8 years of his life at a Christian summer camp with a cowboy theme called “The Bill Rice Ranch” and he fully embraced the “cowboy” persona with his cap guns, bright red boots, and black cowboy hat. He completed the outfit with a gold Sheriff badge to make it official!

Ryan’s parents were in full-time Christian ministry at The Bill Rice Ranch during their time there. They were heavily involved in music which shaped Ryan’s future desire to be strong musically. Today, Ryan is involved in the music program at our church, playing the trumpet and singing!

At the age of 8, Ryan’s parents took a job in Greenville, South Carolina and the family moved, leaving Tennessee. That move set the stage for Ryan to meet Alyssa in the coming years!

Little-known Ryan Childhood Facts:
1. His nickname was “Cryin’ Ryan.”
2. His 2nd grade class had 6 people in it.
3. His family of 4 rode on 1 motorcycle almost everywhere they went. Ryan rode up front on the gas tank!
4. As kids, Ryan and his sister, Amanda, watched just about every episode of Little House On The Prairie…twice.
5. When he was little he would run and jump into the deep end of the pool without his floaties until mom and dad jumped in to get him.
6. He was a blond.
7. He was watching his dad smash a wasp nest from afar but the wasp came and stung Ryan instead!
8. In high school, Ryan hit a game winning shot for his basketball team, the Sharks. What a crazy moment!

Next time, we will tell the beginning of Alyssa’s story! She’s daddy’s little girl through and through!


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