Michael & Caroline | Greenville Engagement

We met Michael & Caroline for the very first time in person right before this engagement session! Until then, we had only met them through Skype (one of our favorite tools ever!). But we can honestly say, it was like we were catching up with old friends!

Michael and Caroline live in Athens, but they used to meet in Greenville when they lived in different states. So when they had to opportunity to come back to our little town (not so little anymore), they jumped on the chance! And we are so glad they did! Michael is definitely a man’s man if there ever was one. He’s got the manly beard. He’s got the manly truck. It’s all there, guys. And Caroline, as a total girly girl, is his perfect balance! She’s got the pink and gold fossil watch. She’s got the patterned Lilly Pulitzer¬†scarf. She’s got the classy JCrew style. She’s the cutest!

Put these two together and you’ve got the perfect pair. And we can’t say enough about how they handled the session, guys! When we arrived at our first location for their session, we immediately found our first road block. If you know anything about Greenville, SC, you know that Falls Park is the hub of downtown. Usually. So on the first nice day of the year, just about every single person in Greenville Country was in Falls Park! Oh no! We asked Michael & Caroline if they were ok with the crowds (and told them that if it were us, we would probably say no), and they said no problem! Lest you think was a small ask, guys there were literally bikes and strollers within 5 feet of them in every single image you see below in the first outfit. But they handled it in style!

On top of that, Michael & Caroline are just the kind of sweet, go-with-the-flow people you want to be friends with the first second you meet them. We are thankful to call them our newest friends and proud to call them part of our #rabrides family!

Michael & Caroline, thank you for letting us be a part of this time in your lives! We hope you love these images as much as we have loved working on them! And we can’t wait until July!

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