Eric & Jamie | Anniversary Session

Guys, we have a treat for you today! Back in February, we traveled out to Arizona and attended the AJ Workshop. As we were prepping for our trip, we noticed another husband and wife team won tickets last minute to go to the same workshop we were attending (we totally voted for them, by the way!). We were incredibly excited another husband & wife team would be there, and we couldn’t wait to meet them!

Meet Eric & Jamie, two sweet-hearted, ya’ll-come-back-now southerners from Birmingham, Alabama, a husband and wife team specializing in weddings, and a dynamic duo that shares our enthusiasm for marriage, photography, and carbs galore. (Seriously, ask our server at Maggiano’s how much bread we ate and the amount of pasta we took home. She actually stopped giving us bread so as to preserve our appetites for the meal!) Our time with them in Arizona was short but sweet. Fast forward 4 months and a bunch of Facebook messages, emails, and texts later, we finally found a free weekend to get away! We met up with Eric & Jamie in Atlanta (halfway between Greenville and Birmingham) last weekend, and boy was our reunion a sweet one!

We spent our afternoon hanging out at the Atlanta Food Truck Park (despite the monsoon that hit us within 2 minutes of ordering our food) and walking around downtown Atlanta (a.k.a. drying out). We then had the distinct honor of doing an anniversary session for these two! They celebrated their first year of marriage back in February (at the workshop, actually!), and are juggling not only their new marriage, but also an insanely busy schedule and a successful business! We are so proud of everything they are accomplishing!!! We couldn’t be more thankful for these two, for their friendship, and for their support and encouragement. They are such a sweet couple that we KNOW are doing great things in Alabama!

Eric & Jamie, thank you so much for taking time away to take a break with us. Thank you for keeping us laughing, being your sweet, encouraging selves, and letting us eat our weight in carbs last weekend. We love you guys, and let’s make meeting up every 4 months a thing, ok?

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