7 Fantastic Moments Of 2015

At the beginning of every year (although, we can’t believe we are already 13 days into 2016!), we like to sit down and open up an imaginary memory book full of special moments we experienced in the previous year. It gives us a chance to relive some of the best moments of our lives and allows us to have a sense of wonder at all of the blessings we have been given! And 2015 did NOT disappoint! We had a hard time narrowing it down to a top 7!

So, in no particular order, here are 7 of the top moments in 2015 that we want to relive!!!

The Connect Retreat

Back in January of 2015, we made a decision to attend The Connect Retreat. It’s a couples retreat of sorts filled with testimonies, fun, and fellowship with like-minded people! We met some of the most incredible people and we got to spend some amazingly needed quality time together. Such a blessing! You can read more about our experience here!

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The First Ever #RABRIDES Party

Wow it’s hard to even know where to go with this one! Our brides (and grooms) mean the absolute world to us! So much of our lives revolve around making the most important day of their lives a success. So when we decided to get a bunch of them in the same room together, it was absolutely amazing! They had never met, but they had one thing in common, US! And we knew they were going to hit it off right away. We seriously can’t wait until the 2nd annual #RABRIDES party! It’s coming!

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Styled Shoot Published On Wedding Chicks

This is kind of 2 moments rolled into 1 but hey, who’s counting?! In 2015, we participated in our first-ever styled shoot! In short, a styled shoot is a wedding without guests. So we put together what looks like a wedding with real vendors and flowers and a bride and groom. And we shoot it so that future brides can see all of the amazing work the vendors have done, and use it as an inspiration as they’re planning their own wedding. All of the amazing vendors put so much time and effort into this shoot and it came out more beautifully than we ever imagined!!!

And to top it all off, we were so honored to see it featured on one of the nation’s top wedding blog, Wedding Chicks! So cool!

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A Week With Our New Insta-Friends Kristy & Vic!

We met Kristy & Vic on Instagram of all places! Hard to believe! And the first time we met them face to face, they were walking in the door to stay with us in Greenville for a week! And it was the best week! We explored Charleston together, we ate a lot of food, and we experienced so much encouragement from one another. We are so thankful for social media and the power it has to connect people! We also just recently went down to Miami to visit them too!

greenville-wedding-photography_0883 greenville-wedding-photography_0917

Our First Video Series

We can’t even believe we created a video series this year! Is this real life?! We are not actors. That’s a fact, Jack! But, we put that fact on the back burner and created a video series on how to use your camera in Manual Mode. It was such a huge success! We were blown away by the reaction we got! It was so much work but, in the end, it was well worth it and it was a great learning experience for us! Not to mention the ridiculous outtakes!


Published On Huffington Post

We were driving down the road in December of 2015 and Alyssa looks over at Ryan and says “One of our images is published on The Huffington Post!” And she was right! There it was, in living color! A ring image from Ryan & Deanna’s wedding in October was in a list of some of the most beautiful ring photos we had ever seen! We couldn’t believe it! Once again, we were so honored. It’s a moment we will relive for years to come.


At Trip To Atlanta With Eric & Jamie

One of our great joys this year has been to make some amazing new friends! Eric & Jamie, our sweet, southern friends from Birmingham, Alabama became some of our very best friends this year. We can’t believe that we met them only just 11 months ago! We can’t imagine life without them! Back in June, we had a chance to meet them in Atlanta (halfway between G’ville and B’ham) for a day of fun, photos, and fellowship! It was one of the best, most encouraging days of our year to say the least and we can’t wait to spend more time with our pals this year! Bring on 2016!


This post could be miles long. We had amazing times with friends and family all year long. Not to mention the amazing times we had on each and every one of our engagement sessions and weddings! And we fully expect 2016’s list to be longer and even more amazing! We can hardly wait to get going!

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