Happy happy birthday, to my one and only!

Dear Ryan,

Usually I write an emotional, from-my-heart letter to you on your birthday, but instead of a letter, I want to write you a list. A top five list, if you will. (Disclaimer – I was compiling a list of 10 things but it was too many words!) So, 5 things that this past year, made me fall in love with you even more.

You keep our house running. If it wasn’t for you, we’d have no clean dishes to eat off of or clean clothes to wear. And I’m pretty sure Mia and I would need breathing apparatuses due to the dust accumulation if it wasn’t for you! You take care of those little things, and though I don’t always remember to say thank you, they never go unnoticed.

You’re a goal setter, a go getter, and don’t stop until you succeed. I’ve watched you swing a golf club for the first time 9 months ago and tackle probably the most frustrating sport ever created with gusto and confidence. You’ve embraced the opportunity to try something new, and in the process, you’ve discovered a new passion. I love watching you come alive as you talk about golf, and I cherish our time together in the golf cart when you take me with you! Even if I don’t always watch you put in that 12 foot putt because I’m reading a book or taking an #alyssagolfcartselfie.

You’ve taught me what it means to serve. Whether that’s going out of our way to help my sisters (and grandparents!) move, chatting with the new couple that started attending our church, or finding new ways to connect with our couples, you’re always the first one to jump up and love on people. I love that about you!

You help remind me that work is not everything. We can get too focused on the little details and the never ending to do list for our business, and I can get overwhelmed. But you’re there to recognize when we need a break to spend the day on the golf course, or by the pool, or walking around the development with Mia or going for frozen yogurt downtown. Thanks for always bringing me back to us, to our marriage.

You spoil me. Let’s be honest – we all know I’m a shopper. It’s in my blood. And while we don’t get out and do it much, you’re more than willing to detour to the Outlets when we’re out and about and help me pick out a new outfit. And sometimes, I end up liking your picks better than mine! You know gifts are my love language and whether it’s picking up a new top at the mall, or Gigi’s cupcakes just because, or treating me to a day at the spa, you make me feel loved and cherished. And oh so thankful for when you spoil me!

(Extra!) You do all the driving. I like driving, especially my little red convertible. But you drive us everywhere. And I mean everywhere. And you never complain, even though I’m always the one that gets to take a nap, explore Instagram, or respond to emails when we’re on the go, while you have to deal with traffic.

Ryan, I love you more than I could ever put into words. I can’t wait to celebrate this day, and many more, with you.

All my love,



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