Heath & Amanda | Greenville Wedding Sage & Gold Fall Wedding

One of our goals from the very beginning of our business has been to go beyond photography and build personal relationships with our couples. We can’t tell you in words how rewarding that goal has been for us over the last 3+ years! We show up on wedding days as photographers AND friends!

Our journey with Heath & Amanda has been a crystal clear example of that goal.

From the very beginning, Amanda & Heath had us hooked! Amanda has this infectious joy that touches everyone around her. We could feel it. We heard it from her friends and family. Heath is a rock. He never loses his cool, but he’s not afraid to have fun. He’s the perfect – and we mean perfect – compliment to Amanda in every way!

We experienced it at their engagement session a year ago. We laughed until our cheeks couldn’t take it anymore! We continued that relationship building at our RA Brides party in February. And Alyssa experienced the love surrounding Amanda at her bridal shower a few months ago! Heath & Amanda are quite the special couple and our hearts are filled with love for them!

We waited what seemed like years for their wedding to finally get here! And we can only imagine what that wait felt like for Heath & Amanda! But it finally came! And despite Greenville having no idea that it’s supposed to be fall weather by now, it was one of the most beautiful wedding days we have ever seen! Our theory is that Amanda’s smile could have made any wedding day look like a million dollar day. But maybe it was the gorgeous florals, sage green touches and the beautiful friends and family that surrounded them all day long! And maybe we should just let you scroll down and see for yourself!

To Heath & Amanda, we know you guys are enjoying your tropical paradise, but we just couldn’t wait any longer to share what was a perfect day. So maybe after you finish your day in the sun enjoying your newly-married life, you can take a minute and just relive your wedding day together. You may not believe it or remember much about it, but this all actually happened!!! To you!!! We love you guys so much and we can’t wait for you to get back so we can hang out again soon! Enjoy this little look back at your wedding day!

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Band – The Finesse Band
Bride’s Jewelry – Kate Spade, Givenchy
Bride’s Wedding Dress – The Castle, Cindy Ingram Designs
Bridesmaids Dresses – JCrew
Cake – Green Valley Country Club
Caterer – Green Valley Country Club
Ceremony Musicians – Bruce Cox, Ed Dunbar, Adam Maalouf
Ceremony Venue – Charles E. Daniel Memorial Chapel
Floral Design – Simple Stems
Groom’s Apparel – Dimitra Design
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Dimitra Design
Hair Stylist – Cotton Rouge
Invitations – Hand-Painted by Kara Larson, Graphics by Dan Marino
Makeup Artist – Cotton Rouge
Officiant – Scott Nelson
Photographers – Ryan & Alyssa Photography
Reception Venue – Green Valley Country Club
Videographer – Stephen Broome
Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Mary Hearne

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