Nevin & Laura | Asheville Engagement

Nevin & Laura are one of the MANY reasons we are SO excited about our 2016 #rabrides (and grooms too!). When they sat down to meet with us for the very first time, we just knew they were going to be an amazing fit! Nevin is the smoothest guy you could ever meet and we fell in love with Laura right away too!

If you know a little bit of our personal story, then you probably know that we got engaged at Biltmore, one of our very favorite places in the world. So when Nevin & Laura decided on Biltmore for the backdrop of their engagement session, we were all over that! And let us tell you, these two totally. rocked. it (as you can see!).

The smiles barely ever left their faces the whole time we were with them. And we are pretty sure it wasn’t because of us! It was because they are clearly in love. It seems so cliche to say, but in this case, it’s true! Between these two amazing people, the Biltmore house in all of its glory, and a little bit of fall color thrown into the mix, this engagement session was a recipe for amazing right from the start!

Nevin (coolest name ever, right?) & Laura, we can’t tell you how much fun we had with you guys already or how excited we are for your wedding in July, but just know that we can’t wait for you guys to see these images. And we can’t wait ’til July!

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