Matthew & Ellis | Greenville Engagement

Matthew & Ellis have so much in common. They are Clemson grads. They love sports. They are both CPA’s.

But their biggest similarity is on the inside. They both have hearts of gold. We feel like this is a theme that we are finding with every single one of our brides and grooms this year and we love it. Matthew & Ellis exude a sweet, loving spirit in every word and action. When we first met them, we immediately felt at ease as they began to ask us questions before we could even ask about how they met!

So when it came time for their engagement session, we knew we were in for a wonderful time. And it did not disappoint! Between Matthew’s sharp jacket and Ellis’s amazing hair and exquisite sense of style, their engagement session is sure to be one of our favorites for a long time!

Matthew & Ellis, we love you guys and we hope you enjoy looking at these images together for years to come!

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