Michael & Erin | Cincinnati Engagement

Last week was absolutely crazy for us. After a responsibility-heavy, blessing-filled Easter Sunday morning at church, we hopped in the car on Monday morning to drive 10 hours to St. Louis. We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in St. Louis at a photography conference where we ran ourselves ragged going from place to place trying to improve ourselves for our clients. Then we drove a few hours North to the little town of 2000 people, Mackinaw Illinois. Ryan’s Grandparents live there and we got to spend Friday there hanging out with them. Then we headed home…kind of. On our trip, we stopped in Indianapolis because Ryan’s other Grandma lives there and we got to spend a sweet lunch with her.

That brings us to the matter at hand! As if that wasn’t enough, we stopped in Cincinnati for Michael & Erin’s engagement session! Ryan wanted to see the Reds play too while we were there, but we decided we had probably squeezed enough out of our week of activities (they lost that day anyway…).

Michael & Erin are getting married in our neck of the woods in Asheville in a few short weeks, but right now they live in Cincinnati. Michael is in medical school and Erin is in law school. Suffice it to say, we felt like we were in the presence of some serious brain power!

These two settled in so quickly! We started the session and we mean to tell you they loosened up in a snap! We would finish up with a pose and they would just stay in it and laugh and talk and steal kisses like they were just hanging out. Those are the best moments. And although Michael & Erin may not know it, we could feel how genuine their love isĀ for each other. They belong together and hanging our with them only made us even more excited for their Asheville wedding coming up soon!

We made it home 18 hours after we left Mackinaw, and as exhausted as we were (literally, Ryan was falling asleep at the wheel), we realized that if we could go back we wouldn’t change a thing, and we are so glad we got to spend that wonderful time with Michael & Erin!

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