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One of the emotions we strive to capture in every session and wedding we are a part of is the emotion of pure joy.

Each of us takes a different road to finding that one person we want to spend our life with. We look for that person that makes us feel happy. Joyful. We look for that person that can change our mood with just a simple look or touch. We will be the first to admit that, in a real relationship, those times of laughter can be elusive! The pressures of life weigh all of us down and we can so easily lose that joyful spirit. But when we are capturing a love story, we want to capture the highlights. We want our couples to look back in 20 years and see that joy that drew them together so easily and kept them together so tightly! So we strive to capture the joy. Always.

And if you met Rob & Jenna you would think there was never anything but joy between them! If you had lost your faith in true love, they are the kind of people who would make you believe again. Rob just has to look or smile at her and Jenna’s face lights up like the stars at night. They are the kind of couple that makes us believe that what we are doing is worthwhile. They cause us to reflect on what drew us together and to savor that emotion. That’s powerful!

So, thank you Rob & Jenna. You guys absolutely kill it every time and we can’t wait to see you again soon!

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