Behind The Scenes With Ryan & Alyssa 2016

We take a lot of photos. And we share a ton of those images every year on our blog and through social media. Most of those photos are of our beautiful brides and grooms. And rightfully so! But there are a lot of photos that only get shown once a year. And that time is now! It’s time for our annual Ryan & Alyssa behind the scenes post! Today, you get to see a little look at what life is like for us on the daily.

Warning: We have a lot of fun. And every time we create this yearly post, we are reminded how crazy we are! You may see a side of us that you have never seen!

If you want to see our behind the scenes post from last year, see it here!

So without further explanation (because there’s really no way for us to explain most of this pure craziness), away we go!

Most of our wedding days and engagement sessions start off with test shots, where we find the best light and the best locations for our couples! One of Ryan’s callings in life is “The most interesting test shot model.” We never know what we are going to find in this section, folks…and Alyssa even gets involved sometimes too!

Next on the docket is one of our favorite things about what we do. We get to make our couples look amazing! Whether that’s fluffing a dress or veil (Ryan is an expert on that, although he won’t admit it) or showing them the right way to pose (Alyssa’s specialty no doubt!), we loooooove making our couples look their very best!

We even show them how to pose! PDA on the job!

Once everyone is looking their best, it’s time for us to do what we do best: get behind that camera!

Rain or shine, we do what we have to do!…

Even if that means getting into all kinds of crazy and dangerous positions!…

Or even hanging out with a dog here or there! We love puppies! “Ryan, the dog whisperer”…

Doing whatever crazy things we have to do to make our couples smile!

Time for some ring photos…

The “Captain Morgan” pose…

Ryan is an expert one-handed photographer since he is often the bouquet-holder as well!

And then, of course, Alyssa looooves to show our couples how amazing they look!

If anyone still somehow thinks we don’t have a good time with our couples, well, look no further!

Matching phone cases!!! Our brides have the best taste!

Ryan knows how to handle the wedding dress!

And he also likes to jump into a few pictures here and there to keep things fun!

Aaaaand then sometimes a random guy wants to part of Cameron & Chelsea’s engagement session…

Alyssa: doing things that make Ryan nervous since 2012.

When the groom wants a video of his first dance with mom, but you also have to photograph it. Ryan, the multi-tasker at it again!

Sometimes Ryan likes to pretend he can fly. Lindsay isn’t sure that’s a good idea.

When Alyssa teaching the Mother of the bride how to dance the Cupid Shuffle. Sadly, we have seen it so many times we could do it in our sleep!

We don’t get rained on very often, but when we do, Ryan’s got you covered! He also likes to be that close our couples because they can hear his jokes better.

He will even give your group of groomsmen a tutorial on proper umbrella etiquette. We’re saving lives here people. And you thought we were just photographers.

Sometimes our job is just to make sure our brides are having the time of their lives. Alyssa sure knows how to make them smile!

Meanwhile, Ryan is Instagram Storying the bridesmaids Instagram Storying themselves. Instaception!

And when it comes to making those bridesmaids and groomsmen look good, Alyssa’s got you covered! She has directed wedding parties from 3 people to 30 people!

And when it’s getting later into the reception and your groomsman has maybe had a little too much, Ryan will be happy to dance with him upon request. Haha!!!

And our behind the scenes wouldn’t be complete without a visit from our puppy, Mia! Sometimes we take some details home with us to photograph the next day. As you can see below, Mia gets a little “nosey” sometimes!

And with that, we will end the craziness! 2016 has been an absolutely fun and life-changing year! We love working together! We always say that. But we don’t think it’s possible to look through this post without seeing that we do indeed love what we do every day. To our couples, thank you for putting up with our craziness! It’s for your own good! Hahaha! We love you all!

And we are already looking forward to the 2017 awesomeness!

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