Behind The Scenes With Ryan & Alyssa 2020

One of our most popular posts of the year every year is our behind the scenes post! And hey, we get it! You get to see beautiful curated Instagram photos all year long and you want to see the real life stuff that happened to make all of those photos a reality!

Well, now is your chance! We should probably be embarrassed about a good portion of these. But we enjoy them as much as anyone!

If you want to see our behind the scenes posts from 2015 or 2016, 2017, or 2018 (2019 doesn’t exist, except some of these today are from 2019. We had Shiloh in 2019 so we were a little busy!) here you go!

Part 1: Caption Contest is Back! – Ryan vs. Alyssa

We both made cations for each photo below. Ryan is known to be funnier but Alyssa can surprise you too! Let us know who you think won the caption battle!

Ryan: *Hold the veil, don’t mess up the hair, hold the veil, don’t mess up the hair*
Alyssa: He doesn’t look uncomfortable at all during this intimate moment (insert laughing crying face)

Ryan: Let’s get this party started! Oh wait, we’re working.
Alyssa: They decided against the chocolate cake. It’s carrot cake.

Ryan: Alyssa may bring the talent, but I bring the fun baby!!!
Alyssa: Sometimes I take photos I’m embarrassed of, both in the moment and later.

Ryan: I have a way with church ladies. For some reason, they take to me.
Alyssa: They’re having a conversation about whose mask is better. Ryan’s trying hard to convince Diane it’s his.

Ryan: Who did it better? Well, no, Alyssa definitely did it better. I almost ripped my pants.
Alyssa: I’ve been training my whole life to balance on this tiny ledge on top of the stairs. Also, what do I do if Ryan rips his pants?

Ryan: Then the third guy says, “I’ve got you both beat! I came from Mars!” HAHAHAHA…or most likely Anna was laughing just to be nice because she’s sweet like that.
Alyssa: He’s telling that Mars joke again. He’s so proud of himself! Clearly Anna loves it; I need a sense of humor.

Ryan: Shooting a proposal and carrying a 5-month-old around at the same time. Superwoman.
Alyssa: You wouldn’t know it, but this baby on my chest is going to sleep through this whole proposal. Hopefully we don’t have a diaper emergency.

Ryan: Sigh…always a weird guy in the window, never the bride.
Alyssa: Is he subtly trying to tell me to smile more? I’m so distracted, even my camera can’t help but focus on him!

Ryan: Like I said, Alyssa brings the talent, I bring…well…other…important qualities?
Alyssa: Ryan, always going above and beyond, from running in the torrential downpour to holding babies. Superman!

Ryan: Hey somebody’s gotta keep these guys looking good!
Alyssa: Ryan’s under a lot of pressure right there, with Sara making sure he gets that collar looking perfect.

PART 2: Time for Work!

This is where you really get to see a few of the non-instagram-worthy real moments behind the scenes. So much goes into being a good photographer besides being able to taking a good photo! Veil tosses (Ryan is the king), hiking up a mountain, and helping the bride get safely to the photo spot. It’s all part of the complete experience!

PART 3: Everything Else (Because we couldn’t come up with a name. Hey we just survived 2020 what more do you want.)

Yeah so we couldn’t really categorize these into one group! But you’ll forgive us we hope because these few extras are just too good to skip over! Don’t miss the “you stand here” finger pointing and the craziest face that even the camera couldn’t focus!

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did and we hope that 2021 (by some miracle) is your best year ever!!! Let’s do it!

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