Lee & Ali | Greenville Engagement

The first time we got Ali & Lee in front of our cameras was at Jake & Kristen’s wedding reception, and we didn’t even know it! At the time, Lee & Ali were recently engaged, and had just started the process of wedding planning and searching for the perfect vendors for their day. And they got to see us in action! We’re assuming we made great first impressions, for we heard from Lee & Ali just a week later and now, here we are sharing their beautiful engagement session! It’s not every day we get to sit down with couples who have already seen us in action on a wedding day, and we definitely encourage more of that! Haha! And we have just loved being a part of this experience with these two!

Lee & Ali, we are so excited for your fall wedding, and putting together this blog post has made things seem just a little more real! Thank you for being your sweet, charming selves, and for keeping us laughing during our time together! Let’s do this again, in September!

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