Manual Mode Basics: Understanding Shutter Speed

Last week we started a new educational series to help you learn the basics of using your camera in manual mode! But this isn’t our typical series by any means. It’s a VIDEO SERIES! What???! Yes it’s true. To be honest, we actually tried to make this a regular text post series. But we just couldn’t get across all of the important tidbits in a text post. So we took a big leap over the fiery chasm of fear and decided to do a video series!

And guys, we are sooo glad we did! The response to the first video in this series has been truly amazing. We literally fell over more than once at the comments we received through our blog, Facebook messages, Instagram comments, and even in-person excitement! So thank you guys so much for that! You have no idea what it means to us. Truly.

If you are just joining us in this series, you can catch up here:

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Manual Mode Basics Bonus: Using The ExpoDisc

Today, we are covering the 2nd of the 3 pillars of shooting in manual mode, Understanding Shutter Speed. Guys, enjoy Part 2 of this series! We hope, as always, that this helps even one person. If it helps you, we would love to hear about it!


If this series is helpful to you, be sure to check out our whole series of posts just to help photographers right here or read our series specifically about how we use the different lenses in our camera bag here!

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