Manual Mode Basics: Understanding Aperture

We are all bound together by one unalterable trait: fear of failure!

Today, we are fighting that fear with a passion!!! We are fighting that fear because we know that sharing this series on our blog is going to help someone. And today is an absolute first on our blog: Part 1 of a new VIDEO series!!!

Manual Mode Basics Part 1: Understanding Aperture
Manual Mode Basics Part 2: Understanding Shutter Speed
Manual Mode Basics Part 3: Understanding ISO
Manual Mode Basics Part 4: Understanding Metering
Manual Mode Basics Part 5: Bringing It All Together
Manual Mode Basics Bonus: Using The ExpoDisc

We have spent many more hours putting this series together than we ever thought we would spend. But we wanted to get it right! This series applies to anyone. It applies to the stay at home mom taking pictures of her kids. It applies to the seasoned photographer who has maybe never learned some of the basics. It applies to anyone who wants to know what’s going on inside your camera and how to control it.

This is a series on Manual Mode Basics! We are going to teach you how to use your camera in “manual mode” to get the BEST possible images. Your camera is smart! But with a little bit of knowledge, you can get better images than you ever could in “auto mode.” We are going to help you guys from wherever you are in your journey and take you a few more steps down the road of success!

A few disclaimers before we begin: We are not actors. We are real people. This is not scripted except that we knew generally what we were going to say before we started. Yes, we had to do several takes. And by several we mean a lot. We found out we say “so” way too much. We apologize in advance for that and any other strange things we say that we didn’t realize!

Guys, enjoy Part 1 of this series! We hope, as always, that this helps even one person. If it helps you, we would love to hear about it!


If this series is helpful to you, be sure to check out our whole series of posts just to help photographers right here or read our series specifically about how we use the different lenses in our camera bag here!

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