Manual Mode Basics: Understanding ISO

We are right in the middle of a series on how to use your camera in manual mode. But it’s not just any series. It’s a video series!!!

It has been so exciting for us to put this together. We do have to make one confession: it was a LOT harder than we thought! There were bloopers. We worked all ours of the night. But in the end, it has been totally worth it! We know there are tons of resources out there to learn photography. And we don’t clain to be the most eloquent or efficient teachers by any means. But this series was the result of several questions we got from friends. And so we got the idea that “how do I use my camera in manual mode?” might be a question a lot more people were keeping to themselves. So we decided to do the best we could to answer that question in a basic series!

If you are just joining us, you can catch up here:

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Manual Mode Basics Bonus: Using The ExpoDisc

Today, we are covering the final pillar of shooting in manual mode, Understanding ISO. Guys, enjoy Part 3 of this series! We hope, as always, that this helps even one person. If it helps you, we would love to hear about it!


If this series is helpful to you, be sure to check out our whole series of posts just to help photographers right here or read our series specifically about how we use the different lenses in our camera bag here!

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